“I was stripped of my academic email, my personal profile page which included a list of all my works, current and past projects. Everything had disappeared, the public, the colleagues, sometimes even close collaborators. stranger do not know how to contact me”

Jean D.
Professor Emeritus

“I am very pleased that Science Forever’s team has understood the need for retired researchers (in Belgium in my case) to maintain an international presence online. There are some services like (…) but nothing like science forever because they understand the real needs of researchers and are not just a pseudo-academic US website that retains our private data or a .com agency. I wanted to have my own website (that no one could arbitrarily remove) and be able to make the changes myself, to continue to show the results of my research somewhere all my colleagues and future colleagues could consult at leisure.”

Caroline J.
Professor emeritus

“Director of studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (Historical and Philological Sciences), retired since 2008, I am no longer emeritus (emeritus in this institution lasts three years and is not renewable) and I cannot therefore publish my annual activity report, which maintained my links with the scholarly community. I thank Alexandre Mitchell for pushing me tactfully and insistently to create an official website; I thank him for the quality of the presentation. I like to believe that this website will be a place of reunions and meetings.”

Danielle G.
Former Director of Studies