Design and creation of a simple website

€ 1125 (+ VAT): design and creation of a simple website | Simple websites examples

  • We accompany you in the purchase of your own domain name and hosting on a large European hosting services because we do not host any of our customers’ websites. It belongs to you. You will have all the access codes from the beginning of the work.
  • Think about the domain name and the Internet extension (.fr, .be, .ch, .eu, .com) that you would like.
  • We install the WordPress module to create the site which will allow you to make your own changes at any time.
  • Based on your choice of graphics (colours, graphics, banner images, logo, etc.) we will design a navigation and graphic chart that will suit you.
  • We create 6 pages that correspond to 6 sections: the home page, the researcher profile page (a photo, a short biography with the main milestones of your career, a CV to download), the page containing the list of publications (past, in press and in preparation), the list of conferences (past, next), a page presenting current or past projects and a contact page with a secure contact form.
  • We will send you a link with all the updated documentation to use WordPress and the theme used for the site. If you are interested we can arrange 2 Skype training sessions with screen sharing to help you use WordPress properly.
Website maintenance

€ 450 / an (+VAT): annual maintenance

  • We administer the website on your behalf
  • We take care of all the WordPress updates
  • We send you annual payment reminders from your hosting company for the hosting and domain name of your website.
  • We can do a monthly back up of your website (you choose the day in the month).
  • 10 updates/year of the text and images on your website. You email us the required changes and the images and we take care of the rest.
  • We can add 3 new pages if necessary.
Other work

€ 60 / h (+ VAT): Tarif for further work

  • You need more pages like a media/interview page, inserting a gallery of images (ex: integrating your Instagram account) or videos (integrating your youtube channel), creating a blog in the same style as the website, etc.
  • You wish to install WordPress plugins and need us to take care of the settings and debugging. Ex: interactive calendar, Interactive Google maps, integrating your Twitter feed, help with searching for the right WordPress plugins for your specific needs, etc.
You need a quote for complexe websites?

You need a far more complex website | Complex website example

  • We design and produce complex websites to disseminate project results at the level of research groups, departments (+ 50 pages, interactive calendars, bespoke translations, integrating GIS maps, searchable Bibliographies, etc.).
A quote for quality scientific translations

For an efficient international dissemination of your results: choose a French/English translation of very high standards | Examples of scientific translations

  • 1125
  • Design and website creation
  • – Help with purchasing the domain name and hosting
    – 6 pages (home, profile, projects, publications, conferences and contact)
    – Graphic colours and look and feel in collaboration
    – Website produced with WordPress
    – 2 x 1h of WordPress training.
  • VAT not included
  • 450
  • Annual maintenance
  • – All system updates
    – Annual reminder of hosting and domain name payments.
    – 10 updates/year of the text and images on your website on existing pages (corrections, additions).
    – Addition of 3 new pages if necessary.
  • VAT not included
  • 60 / h
  • Tarif for further work
  • – More pages
    – Interactive calendar
    – Scientific translation
    – Research and suggestion of WordPress solutions
    – Installation and settings for specific WordPress plugins
    – Quote (free) on demand for complex websites
  • VAT not included