• Expressum: the main company

    Expressum’s team of highly qualified translators (master’s degree, doctorate in archaeology / classics, translating into their mother tongue) offer French to English scientific translations exclusively in the fields of archaeology, ancient history, philology from classical antiquity to the late middle-ages.

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  • Expressum has been offering websites for several years

    In addition to its core business of translation, Expressum has been offering quality internet sites for scientific researchers for several years. Indeed, a very large number of scientists find themselves overnight without any international visibility the moment they retire. They lose their email, their profile page at the university and sometimes become almost impossible to contact.

  • Science Forever, a new division of Expressum

    Collaborating now with several web specialists (developers, graphic designers, WordPress specialists, etc.) Expressum opens a new chapter with Science Forever, offering simple, pleasant, professional websites for a better dissemination and international visibility in the scientific world, at every step of a researcher’s career: from post-docs to experienced researchers.

Alexandre G. Mitchell, D.Phil

Alexandre Mitchell is perfectly bilingual French-English through his parents, upbringing, his studies in classics, history and archaeology at Strasbourg (1991-1997) and his doctorate in classical archaeology at Oxford (1999-2002). Passionate about Antiquity  he has publications in the fields of Greek and Roman iconography and in recent years in the reception of classical antiquity. He is a member of various international associations and classical networks (ex: CRSN NetworkCSIGCA, EIRIS, etc.), and is a scientific collaborator at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.

After being a lecturer and researcher for 10 years, he founded and directed Expressum in London for 5 years. Since April 2019 business is conducted from Brussels.